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Loyal consumers buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction and are 5 times more likely to return to your business.

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Create & launch own Digital Loyalty program in just 5 minutes

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Cardless Digital Loyalty Program

Using which you get acquainted with customers and build long lasting relationship.

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Keep Every Customer

50% of customers don't return, it hurts revenue. With Dewber, award customers Global Crypto loyalty points and business rewards to keep engaged and coming back.

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Loyalty Points & Rewards collector's spend more

Research shows a loyal customer brings other customers and also spend up to 2 times more per visit.

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Increase Revenue Growth

Dewber program increase customer visits by up to 54%. Drive loyalty while simultaneously bringing in more revenue.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

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How Dewber Works for Business

Dew Loyalty On Display

Display the Dew loyalty near your point-of-sale so that every customer can engage and join your loyalty program with single tap.

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Award Dew Points & Rewards

Customers get awarded "Dew crypto points” & / or “Dew rewards” against each purchase.

Customer registration via mobile phone else business executive search customer on ‘Dewber” platform to instantly awards loyalty via mobile device.

Redeem & Enjoy

Customer can scans QR Codes to receive Dew Rewards or Dew Crypto Points . It's that easy!

Free loyalty program
Dew Points

Customer spends specific local currency amount to collect ‘Dew Points”. These are Crypto coins, which can be redeemed by any business anywhere in the world making them truly Global loyalty points.

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Dew Rewards

Encourages your customers to be loyal by offering incentives to do repeat business with you. For example, Buy five burger & sixth on house, FREE!!!

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Redeem & Enjoy

Redeem your Dew Crypto points for a wide selection of products or purchase in any participating business store across the globe.

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Businesses Like Yours Depend on Dewber

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FAQs: General and commercial issues

Yes. Dewber’s principle is simple. Every business has ability to run individual loyalty program. It provides ability to run rewards which can be redeemed globally in any business branch called “ Dew Rewards” and award crypto points against every purchasecalled ‘ Dew Points”. These Dew points can be redeemed globally by any participating business against promotion offer

FAQs: Dewber Loyalty Program